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The Nor’wester gales bring more than destruction. They bring death.

A wind phenomenon like no other, the Nor’Wester has terrified the inhabitants of Canterbury, New Zealand, for years. Increased incidences of suicide and domestic violence plague the land when it blows. 

When Kate and her family moved from Australia to a cursed house surrounded by a sinister pine plantation just out of Rangiora, she had no idea the horrors her new home concealed. A supernatural force binds the wind’s victims to the land, feeding it. 

As madness overcomes the residents and the deaths multiply, Kate’s world becomes a living purgatory.

Experience the Nor’wester’s everlasting torment as it changes the landscape and the inhabitants of a small farming community in Okuku on the outskirts of Christchurch.

This chilling tale will haunt you every time the wind blows.

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