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A Novel

Nor'Wester is a fast-paced horror thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Set in rural Canterbury, New Zealand you'll experience a wind terror like no other. When the Nor'Wester comes blowing, it always bring death.

Follow the protagonist through a terrifying journey to escape the wrath from the mysterious Nor'Wester. With spine tingling twists and turns, you'll be left breathless until the very end.

Nor'Wester full_cover-only EBook.jpg

Dead South Book Co.
Nightmare Seeds Volume 1

Collection of Short Stories

Welcome to the world of Nightmare Seeds.


Venture through a carefully curated collection of short stories designed to keep you awake and questioning everything around you. You'll never know when one of the nightmare seeds will implant itself into your brain, causing you to question reality long after you finish reading.


Dead South Book Co. is proud to present the first volume of Nightmare Seeds to be released mid 2024.

Pre-Order Soon

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